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hello guys and welcome so in this video I’m going to be talking about  volatile investing mistakes and why you should avoid them. thank you for watching the video so far remember to give it a thumbs up subscribe and ring the bell  to help with the YouTube algorithm now back to the video so what I’m talking about with volatile  investing is investing in these sort of currencies which are going up stupidly in value so you have  bitcoin dogecoin and whatever and there’s probably a lot of people that see you know the hills are  alive sort of thing you know they see magic they see whatever it’s like oh I can invest  one pound and I can become a millionaire you know that is a gamble it’s like going into any casino  putting in a pound in the spin machine I’m hoping you win it big simple as that now there are at  the moment some of these markets which people are trying to manipulate you know they’re sort of like  well if Elon Musk tweets about dogecoin it’s going to go up it’s going to be one dollar  one dollar per dodge coin look we’re going to become rich I personally I’m avoiding all of that  I don’t need the aggravation I don’t need to see GameStop stock rise to 400 and then crash you know  I don’t need any of the aggravation and I know that there is a lot of people who have said for  example to invest one percent of their portfolio for example into bitcoin uh because why not if  they have spare cash I personally I’m an average person I don’t have one percent to give so one  percent of my value uh versus one bitcoin I will get 0.00001% of a bitcoin you know what I mean  so um I personally am avoiding all of it for now maybe in the future if I somehow have spare cash  that I don’t want to invest somewhere else then um or throw away then maybe but in that situation  I’d ever rather put it into a solid investment which I will make a video about in the future  or give it to charity rather than throw it into uh such a stock so because for example sure who  doesn’t wish that they had invested or bought bitcoin when they were like two dollars each  uh several you know many years ago but who knew that they were going to be worth this much money  you know we’re not we can’t predict the future the people who invested a lot of  money in bitcoin early um they did not know that it was going to become as valuable as it is now  it was just it was a gamble and it paid off simple as that so um I would say that do not base any of  your investments or whatever on this idea that um you know oh well you know it’s definitely  going to go this like don’t like as graham steven would say don’t never ever try and time the market  like uh it’s not worth the aggravation it’s simply a case of invest hold your investment  and for the long term like I said I personally do have some investments going and I will put  it in a separate video explaining what that investment is and why it’s a safe bet for me  uh but I will not like I said I will not get into the volatile markets um because I was personally  in debt for 10 years okay it’s been the whole like journey of this channel to date so far and one  thing I’ve learned in that time is the importance of peace of mind you know about reducing stress  you know be able to sleep at night feeling accomplishment feeling pride in what you’re doing  and most importantly feeling safe um so like seeing all your money go up and crash down and  so on it can increase the amount of stress it cannot make you feel safe it can all the time  you have to watch it like a like a laser beam you have to be like oh because it can crash in  an hour you know so literally it can go up and up and up and up and up and then oh you go have lunch  you come back it’s gone so um like I said that’s my opinion of course there’ll be a lot of people  who are on this role who are doing it maybe they’re even doing options trading and so on uh  I would say I will not do any of that stuff for my future I want to do options trading I will not  invest in volatile markets unless I have money literally to throw away  and so on so um be wary guys be wary like because me personally I would favour towards investing  in index funds and the entire market rather than an individual stock because I am not an investment  banker also even if I was there is I have seen so many videos which have said something along  the lines of they got they just chose socks at random and they outperformed um the most informed  investment hedge fund manager in the world or people have thrown darts at dartboard with  different stocks and done better than um people who are experienced you can’t predict the market  simple as that and of course I am not a broker so I am not selling and getting a commission of any  sales of any stock you know I’m not Jordan Belford basically so I am trying to live my life to reduce  my stress and so on after recovering from 10 years’ worth of debt and simple as that is that  if we could tell the future if we knew what the future was everyone would invest in the winning  stocks and then they would become completely worthless for some a few people to get rich in  these markets most people have to not like the money has to come from somewhere right  so most people have got to lose money for the few to get all the money simple as that so  as I say guys let me know in those comments down below have you invested in these volatile markets  um has it paid off do you regret doing it are you happy to do it um and so on and when you do it  do you use money that you are happy to lose or do you use do you risk everything for it I  like I said I’ve made clear what my stance is in this uh in this topic and the reason I’m making  the video now is because I’m seeing a trend I think I think everyone is seeing this trend is  that every time Elon Musk tweets out a trade uh or a stock then everyone’s like oh my god  if he’s the richest man in the world if he tweets it everyone should do it  I’m like hell nah I’m a normal dude I’m a normal person um with no money um simple as that like I’m  not going to risk anything I don’t have nothing to risk simple as that I want safe investments to be  uh secure for the future and based on this fact that I’ll be I’m about 30 years away  from retirement so I need to over the next 30 years make sure that I make a solid good  like nest egg for me for my retirement years simple as that so um  if you’re interested check out my personal finance videos I am not an expert this is not legal advice  and so on all I am doing with you or financial advice all I’m doing is sharing with you my  personal opinion on these topics as I’m learning more about it um I will just share what I’ve what  the reason why I’m taking certain stances towards what I do and I would rather invest in myself  than invest in stock and uh and volatile bit like currencies so yeah anyway, guys, that’s it for this video if you liked it um please be sure to check out the  other videos on the channel, they’re all related to personal finance clearing there and so on

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