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Hello guys and welcome to this video I’m going to show you how much money I’ve made as a YouTube user in 2020! Thanks for watching the video so far, remember to like it, subscribe and ring the bell To help with the YouTube algorithm, we now go back to the video and not go directly to Analytics, so I got 2.7 million views and 100,000 views watched by 3.7k subscribers that I made Around £ 4400 roughly as you can see your estimated revenue is not an exact science But it’s close enough now, that I’ve made some sacrifices to get to this point because I’m laying As a developer I have 10 years of business experience as a developer that I can be Draw more than this month, so earning this for the whole year of 2020 isn’t much money For me, the advantage of living this lifestyle now is, uh, not to worry About telling anyone else what to do I don’t have a boss I don’t have to go to work I don’t have any of this nonsense, it’s just a case that I’m living the life I want to live I’m pushing my creativity to the limit now, and these are clearly the main analytics UM gaming channel This financial channel has become a serious personal finance channel Nothing amazing but that’s because I just started a few months ago like five months ago So uh, that’s why I’m planning and hoping to have a partnership during 2021 so that I can have a It is another source of income because I think it is very important that you have multiple sources of income like It is possible that I made a video about this and the way I live every day I have my to-do list I try to achieve everything that I want to achieve every day and it makes me feel great My illness and because I won the complaint against my banker, I am now debt free according to The previous video you’ll see on my channel so I always tried to be honest and open about My financial information is particularly useful in this funding channel and it is by no means supposed to As if I can’t boast of that much and won’t be proud of it anyway even if I read four Million units, the whole point of it is that I see much greater long-term potential for YouTube As opposed to live broadcasting because with YouTube you can create evergreen content which means uploading it Today it could be on display 10 20 years from now because the information is still relevant Or, you could create a trending video which means something happened big oh my There has been a significant increase in the number of views that day and then dwindle, but some people Popular topics are preferred to tremendous heights, then some tend uh to focus more towards Evergreen which is what I do personally which is why I try to create longer lessons around games It appears to be working on the Games channel but then on the Personal Finder channel on that channel I.


I share my true experiences with trying to live thrift in the mistakes I made in the past how By making a little bit of money I’m still happy I think that’s the main thing like technically I already live below the poverty line but I’m fine I’m happy I’m paying all my bills I live comfortably as you know so I would say it is possible and still can be done I get motivated every day to do what I want to do right now some phrases that I’ve heard that have helped me a lot Is that if you live in the past you die in the present If you live in the future you are a cause It’s not the anxiety, so it’s really important that you live in the simple present this way Also, not to become obsessed or jealous or any of other people’s numbers due to Of course I’m sure we’re all at some point when the creators looked up to MrBeast’s biggest YouTuber We’ve looked at the biggest dreamers “Asmongold” or “LIRIK” or anyone who’s, wow, imagine what It’s like their life where they earn thousands upon thousands every day but with their grants I’m now very frugal because of my life circumstances like I don’t need money so I learned Ironically, I say it because I know it’s a personal financial channel but I simply am You don’t need money to be happy, there are other things that can make me happy as well As in the future now that I’m debt free, I can actually save my money and put it in Good investments can actually grow, for example, I want to save money to buy a house In the future and so on because I am very inspired by people like Graham Stefan because you see people like him is the kind of self-made millionaire he owns right now Lots of homes and no signs of what he’s doing on YouTube and in fact Life is slowing down anytime soon and I want the same and again I’m never proud That if the worst happens I am losing my YouTube channel or I can’t do it anymore For every reason I still have money left over and never worry About food or bills again this is what I work for and this is where I would like Be so tell me in those comments below like are you trying to start a creator Are you YouTuber, Are you a Live Streamer, Do you both have diversified sources of income Have you seen affiliate links, have you looked at commodities, have you looked at many other things Or are you trying to focus all on one thing, are you broadcasting 12 hours a day as you know Wanting to know what your motivation is or all this is just a hobby that you do in Free time while you also have a job from nine to five, you know, tell me in those comments below Anyway guys, I’ve linked two other videos to this one, watch them and on this one The channel focuses on growing your personal finance into Working on becoming financially independent, managing your life, etc., check out our other videos

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