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Hey guys and hello to this video, I’ll explain why I’m now on site I can buy a PlayStation 5 and why did I decide to, thank you for watching the video Now remember to give him a thumbs-up to sign up and ring the bell for help with YouTube’s algorithm Now back to the video, so in the previous video I talked about why I wasn’t buying the PlayStation 5.


You might have seen it linked all over my channel, so the purpose of this video was this Basically, I had other priorities when it came to personal finance, so I wanted to make a I was definitely debt free because I was financially stable and things like that before investing as well Well there have been a bunch of launch issues anyway, so you know the demand for PlayStation 5 is It’s never seen right now so if you’ve been following my channel then you know I actually am I won a bank complaint completely debt free and it saved me five years in debt repayment So I am very happy with that now, I refuse to give any money to the speculators as simple as that What is mudarib is just a person, for example, a company, an entity, or whatever Whoever bought a batch of PlayStation 5 devices like launch like hundreds of thousands would probably then sell Them on eBay or anywhere for a 30% 40% 50% 5000% increase in price, so I refuse to give From them even a penny.


I just waited until, uh, from the retailers I usually go to Now one of the things I also noticed when a pre-order came to me is that they are Retailers feel like improving their technology, so when I got to the website, I had to wait Queue I had to, and even when I crossed the queue I only had 30 minutes to complete my order And if I hadn’t been fast enough even during those 30 minutes, I would have run out, so uh them They do their best and then very clearly say one request for every customer and even if you got Suppose a command goes through a queue etc., and places a set of commands Then the retailer said that they are now going out of their way to make sure it isn’t The same person buys it over and over again for that reason mainly For these reasons I have managed to get one so I will deliver it soon and hopefully Two weeks after uh recording this video, but what I am glad is that I have preserved A promise to myself The promise to myself was that I wouldn’t buy the PlayStation 5 until I’m in debt Free so I can take control of my money and my future and at this point I hope I have And it goes into a wider range than that, so I bought most of the upgrades I’ve had I’d like a really long time that I have now, for example you can see that I now have better lighting And I have some other upgrades that I ordered on the way so yes but The next step in this equation or journey towards financial independence is Reinvesting in myself is as simple as I am the extra money I have now putting in Towards a place where I invest in myself or invest in the channel, etc.


To put myself in a position where I can earn more money the purpose is Then tell my future in terms of being financially independent and what that means he is Having bills for at least six months, so if I literally slept for six months, I’d stay I have enough money to pay all my bills and that’s what I aspire to be, too To redefine my goals, so my goal for a really long time has been to be debt free I’ve created other videos on this topic and talked about it a lot, and I’ve mentioned it on Live streaming a lot and so forth, but I achieved it now what is now and what is the basis To save money for a home, let’s hope it is already the first of many homes I think We’ll see it depends on how I manage money and some people have already asked me what I am I plan to do the surplus money I have if I am to invest it as I am I will do that and I think its too early to tell at this point however The only thing I feel is wrong is you have the money sitting still and not growing Debtor account, so I’ll research that and explore my options as well In detail what I decided to do on this channel and what I did recently on this channel Did you notice that I made a complete rebranding so there’s a new title for the new thumbnails Etc., and hopefully, she looks much more attractive than she did before and again I reinvest in myself because I think reinvesting in yourself and your channel Etc.


To grow on YouTube and overall it’s a really good idea so if you finally get the To the point where you have no purpose for your money, then reinvest yourself and buy a course You know expand your business, do whatever you want to do but always number one to me It was an obvious debt because for me it is what I talked about before settling the debts or debts themselves It’s like anti-investing, like the lenders invest in you and you give them The percentage return on the money they gave you, so I’m glad I’m now out of that Instead, when I make investments in the future, I want my money to grow, I don’t want a person Other money to grow, and this is perhaps the greatest relief from this is knowing it We are now approaching the end of the month now January 22nd this marks Usually it happens the next day or two I will receive my earnings from YouTube But maybe after a day or two, I’ll then pay off my loan payments that you’re spending a little on the way This isn’t the case anymore so I’m really comfortable with that for sure now The goal now for 2021 is to become a partner on this channel, if you like the content, uh Please subscribe Leave a comment Leave an excellent comment All this helps the channel grow And I also hope my videos help you impress if you are on this journey towards becoming I did it debt free and what I’m trying to share with the goal of this channel is to try To show you how I did it based on real real experience, it’s not just a theory that I have Read in a book, magazine, online article, or anything like that that I’ve been through I know, so I know what it means to have so little money that I just couldn’t bear eating at some point You know and I know what it feels like to live below the poverty line so I try Share my journey with as many people as possible so that I can help as many people as possible Also when creating all of my videos on YouTube channels, my goal is to help One person If I can help one person other than myself then it is worth Create the video, if the video helped you or my channel or something like Please let me know in those comments below, I’m always curious to hear it Others’ stories about how they are on this journey towards becoming financially Independent anyway guys, check out other videos on my channel I have loads of videos It aims to improve your personal finance and work towards becoming a financially independent department Your time and yourself efficiently so please watch my other videos

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