Cyberpunk 2077 GeForce NOW Tutorial Guide (Beginner)

Cyberpunk 2077


Hey guys and welcome to this video, I’m going to show you how to get Cyberpunk 2077 working on Nvidia GeForce cloud streaming service now, thank you for watching the video Remember to give it a thumbs-up to sign up and ring the bell to help the youtube algorithm Now back to the video, so streaming platforms are basically a way that you can get a server stream The game is on your PC but let’s say you face technical issues your PC isn’t quite powerful enough to display the game just the way you want it to be on mac settings etc.


You can use this kind of program, so link it in the description of the video. For GeForce Now, the first step is to download the application so click on the Download tab Then select the platform you want to run if you want to get it on Mac or Windows Etc. You can even put it on the mobile phone if you like and what you also have is a membership So with membership you have the Founders Edition which is £4.99 a month in the UK or I think it’s $5.99 in us and what it does offer you is extend the duration of the rtx session so you can play On ray tracing and one month savings because you basically got six months for five And then you also get priority access, so when huge games like this uh like Like cyberpunk, first-day queues can be a little longer but they are not Too bad then you see here where it says session duration for 1 hour what that means if you are With the free version, it means you are playing for an hour and you will not have to close and reopen the application It’s a slight annoyance but it will allow you to play for free but with your founders Extended so you can play up to six hours at a time before you have to restart the app and the app It gives you a lot of warning when the six hours are coming to an end, there is also support if You have any problems etc. Now I personally went for this because I think that is it Essentially hmm a good deal to let me handle the maximum setup with the Nvidia tesla p40 now The other thing also depends on the quality and speed of your internet connection And if you are in a good location to get a good connection to the servers, but there is Something in the app allows you to test it after downloading the app and You have installed it, uh this will be welcomed until the app is installed for you You can see your account information on the top right.


You can see our founders on the top right You can go here you can click on settings and what you can do is you can mess around with the settings But what I recommend first is making sure everything is fine Because you are connected and that you are connected to the best server the way you do it Here it says server location that says test network and then it will test your connection To the g4 server over the internet and it will specify which servers to connect to If you want to call others, it’s up to you where you can see the bandwidth or I have it Over 50. I don’t have anything so my connection is basically cool it works Well, I’ve condensed the settings to the absolute maximum because I don’t have any kind of cover with My internet so I don’t have a limited amount of data or anything like that But you have these different modes here for streaming quality that you balance out as you say Take full advantage of the bandwidth to deliver the best possible picture and game quality And it will use approximately 10 gigabytes uh per hour.


You have a data provider so It will reduce the amount of data it uses while playing games or provide decent picture quality Thus, but you may find it especially if you are playing 1080p, although this is a little Blurry but again it depends on your internet then you have a competitor where you say it improves Broadcast settings to provide the lowest possible latency during gameplay, which is important if you You are playing games that require very low latency like any battle royale game And so on, but I threw out the convention just to round to the absolute maximum I said 1080p 60fps with vsync because my screen is 60fps etc and what One of the big advantages of g-force now is that you can link to Steam you can link gog you can link an epic game Shop you can even link playlists, as we can see here i have a cyberpunk 2707 on gog I have Guard Corps on uplay and I have Tomb Raider on Steam so it lets me bring Most of the games I own so it’s very simple process but let’s now launch uh cyberpunk 2077 And we see if we can get anything out of this because unfortunately in my case, I have very strong Pc so i have rtx 2080 i have i900k cpu but since cyberpunk is too much I can’t get really good performance especially when I’m streaming so let’s press play Then you see and then start downloading the game Network analysis doesn’t do it every time but every now and then everything gets updated Itself and the first time it will prompt you to log in if you want to connect it to the gog and so on At the moment you should already own the game so you don’t like the game coming to you as part of geforce now GeForce now only allows you to play the game on the platform on the geforce platform now Uh based on what you own while google stadia you need to actually buy the games Ummm on the same google stadia platform I want to show you how good this actually looks as this might actually save me cyberpunk I guess that’s part of the reason I was motivated to do so Video and it supports console as well So this is all streamed from GeForce servers now So if you go to settings and go to graphics, we can see these are the settings that you put in Everything is at super high altitude, so ray tracing is at super high level so it’s up to you Want to use DLSS um you can put it on quality or you can put it on performance to maximize uh Game performance or superb performance if you want it in high definition And you can also use these Fidelity Effects which are almost like an equivalent AMD um from DLSS which is very interesting and is available on GeForce now But let’s get back to where we were so let’s close that down and then see the other settings In the way of playing the game, uh, only for this video, uh, I will turn off the unit Yes, some unit sensors are on then audio if you are the creator of the content There is a toggle to mute the copyright music, so I recommend turning it on as well Then yeah, we’re fine and I have to turn the volume down to Make sure it doesn’t explode in my ear but it’s the usual thing outside of gaming So let’s play a new game that I’m going to throw at what I think on the hard mode Beginning as a nomad Well, I’ll do it with a random character Well then that’s going to happen, so let’s put random points Now the game begins So I think it’s really surprising that it looks so good considering it’s remote I want to clearly see how successful he is and want to show you how successful he is so that it can be done It may give you a chance to play this game with RTX if you have a workable internet connection and You can run it smoothly uh download so you are about nothing Traditionally I like console capture I’m driving, yeah as you can see the game looks pretty cool Streaming platform, I would say geforce is now workable for sure, it’s a viable way to play The game is on PC, I mean look at it at steady frames per second and then just in case there were no issues at all Part of the reason I am having trouble playing this game is because I am using one My computer setup and there was a major glitch capturing one of the things but because this is a different app And the computer is not stressed at all by the game because it is not displayed on Then the computer can run at full speed basically, I have a very powerful streaming device in This is what Cyberpunk is supposed to look like if you have the ultimate one Highest end graphics enabled, you can see the texture quality is really great and lighting Okay, everything is pretty sharp so by anti-aliased it’s a case that I mean I’m not a digital foundry So I will not touch uh like this much, but as I said from a flowing point of view And a gaming point of view, this is definitely a viable option if you have good solid internet The connection and you’ll be able to increase the download speed by over 50MB, then I will I really recommend trying geforce now so let’s keep playing and I’ll go To highlight a portion of the introduction as I go to show you again how nitpicky it feels like It’s not normal that you don’t smell the hassle about Jackie Bending Drive just drive Someone coming our way that doesn’t look good Park your car right away let’s get out of here and there we go Well draw a weapon Well the game looks great, great guys Keep driving we can’t stop here Okay, so I’ll leave it at that, and I hope this gave you a good idea of what a game could be Seems on GeForce now, it’s definitely a viable option, even in my case I said I have RTX 2080 and i9 CPU that’s better and less, check out GeForce now In the description and let me know what you think, tell me in those comments Below are your ever using streaming software, what do you think of that, etc.


Anyway, guys, that’s it for this video if you like it make sure to give it a thumbs up for you You can watch the video there and watch the last download there Or you can click here to subscribe. Thank you, guys.

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