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Hey guys and hello to this video I’ll be asking some questions that might help you Define your future when it comes to personal finance Thanks for watching the video so far, remember to give it a thumbs-up, subscribe and call YouTube algorithm help bell is now back in video so what I mean by that There are three main questions when it comes to personal finance and just life in general These questions exist, and I will answer the first question in this video, uh, what do you want Well this first question then the second question how would you get it and the third question why would you do it I want to, and we’ll answer each of these questions in the next three videos Uh separately so what do you want in my case as if you were following my video series about Personal finance you know I want, for example, to be free, that’s number one, or I win Better setup, so I want dual stream setup for pc as I’m a full time content creator I won new screens with it, I want a PlayStation 5, I want the Xbox x series I want a new chair or I want oh in good health Oh what I want whenever I want it of course we distinguish between wants and needs So I’ve already created a video on this topic, and I’ll link to it in the description that different speech wants These are all desires so they are not vital to living but there is something I want for the future Now what we can take away from this is about focusing and envisioning your ideal future That’s basically it all but we envision a future where we have all these things and How good it would be and give you a purpose that gives you something to aim for Being in possession of all of these things that you want to achieve can give you the pride that it can provide You relax etc.because I think my experience as a human is that I always have I push myself towards my ideal future and I think that’s just basic survival Something overall, it’s a case I have these goals in mind but number one in My list is really to be debt free, I’ve been saying that since I started this channel and until With my announcement yesterday about winning the complaint against my bank Or will it help to achieve this goal but are all focused on the same goal so this Goal setting, visualizing ambition, is grouped into one question that summarizes three simple questions So if you haven’t really thought about it before I recommend you sit down and do this put on These three questions on a piece of paper follow the next three videos and uh we can try and Answer this topic together so the first question like I said what would you like what will make you Satisfied now from my experience with money or too little money will not buy me happiness In any sense of the word, but I find that money will buy options, for example Most of the things on this list can be solved with money which is why money is a big topic And it is very important to properly manage debt reduction to make your money work in your favor etc.


This is also part of the reason why I made this channel talk about personal finance So there is definitely no problem focusing on money but there are issues when it comes to, for example In good health you do a workout you can’t fortune, you can argue technically you can Buy with the money as a gym membership but actually choose to go to the gym or choose Doing a workout is a choice you make that has nothing to do with money, that is Something I want to delve into and then depending on where you live, money might buy Really sad drug, I’m lucky to live in the UK to have it here A comprehensive healthcare system called the NHS the National Health Service is now not perfect By any means you know people complain about it a lot but it’s better than nothing As if we don’t have to take out insurance, for example, like my friends in the United States do to get basic insurance Healthcare or health coverage We now have private healthcare options available in the UK But this is almost always for fancy people like NHS provides uh most of what is needed so hmmm But this is a topic for another day, as I told you guys I really recommend sitting Think about these things, it’s not urgent just think about it, it’s the way I’m dealing with Living a better life and working towards financial independence is just thinking about these things And keep these things in mind and also if you’ve checked how a plan works To the video, the reason I love writing all of this stuff is because it never gets in my head It kind of lets me visualize that it lets me see that’s what I really want and how I can get it There is a learning that I think is a very important focus that you know you have, not you Organizing it in your mind is what I’m saying.


You don’t have to be like a beacon of calm, uh Talking uh meditation and enlightenment you know you don’t need it if you manage Things correctly you jot down then I feel most people should be able to use it Ways to improve their ambition so far I can still understand that it is difficult For some people too, it’s okay if you have any difficulty at all creating List just leave a comment Share your experience I’m answering all comments at least for now so hmmm I am blown away and love to hear what your story is because that’s something too It also fascinates me how people’s stories carry over their lives to mine, what can I Share But from my experience helping others, what can I learn from others to help me Now the reason why a lot of this is focused on computers and games and things like that is because Profession If I have a different profession, let’s say for example that I am a translator and then on this one The order list will be ok, I need to buy that course to learn Japanese or anything you know I mean it depends on my profession based on what I want to do to make myself more financially Independent and helped me in the future but we’ll cover the reason in the third video in the next video We’ll be covering how I can accomplish everything that is on this list or not To put it all into one video because I don’t want this video to be an hour long so here it is The first step if you want some homework or something you have in mind is can you jot what you do You want this what you are trying to accomplish and it can literally be anything I want to learn how to make my bed every morning, well the simplest thing is the easiest thing Here’s the point, let me know what you want and we’ll get from there in the next video Anyway guys, I linked 2 more videos to this one this channel is focusing on You try to work towards financial independence, liquidate debt, and properly manage your money Things like that so please see our other videos on the channel We can work together to achieve this common collective goal

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