Cyberpunk 2077 Refund Tutorial Guide (Beginner)

Cyberpunk 2077


Hey guys and hello to this video I’m going To illustrate how to get a refund for Cyberpunk 2077 Thanks for watching the video so far, remember to like it, subscribe and ring the bell To help youtube algorithm it’s now back in video so cd projekt red just released this Statement hours before the match and apologize for the lack of performance to transfer . This has not been improved for now uh but I hope it will be in the future so let me read this New players First of all we would like to start by apologizing to you for not showing the game On the last basic consoles before showing it for the first time thus not letting you do more An informed decision about your purchase should have paid more attention to make it play better On playstation 4 and xbox one so playstation 4 includes playstation 4 pro xbox one x and so on In uh, secondly, we will correct the errors and faults and improve the overall experience in the first round Of the updates have been released and the next update will come in the next seven days, expect more like We will update frequently with new improvements ready after the holidays and it will keep working We will release two large patches with the first correction in January and that will be followed by the second patch in February However, these issues should solve the most prominent issues players faced about the downsides of the past year We will inform you of the contents of each patch before it is released Making the game last year look like it’s running on a high-spec PC or next year on console but it is We will be closer to that experience than it is now Finally we always love everyone who buys Games for you to be satisfied with purchasing them, we would be grateful if you would give us a chance But if you are not satisfied with the game on your console and do not want to wait for updates You can choose to recover your copy against digitally purchased copies, please use the psn recovery system xbox respectively or box releases, please first try to get refund in the store where you bought it If this is not possible please contact us to help me refund money at and we will We try our best to help you starting today.


You can contact us for up to a week through December PC game players of 21st 2020 uh ps will get regular updates and fixes to improve the game Now my personal experience with Cyberpunk is that I tried streaming on one computer that I have High quality piece so I have a rtx 2080 and i have an i9 a 9900k cpu now running on 1 CPU I was next to impossible like it lags nonsense on my computer even if I turn settings off, I’m not I play on anything like I’m playing at a high level and still can’t play it smoothly So the performance problems are not only uh related to the Playstation 4 and Xbox One uh but mainly They are more prominent on the PlayStation Xbox in general than I have been reading for the PlayStation Generally speaking, it doesn’t have a great refund policy like, say, Steam but In this case they let it pass due to lack of performance cyberpunk 2077.


Now a shame because cyberpunk is umm I feel it’s still a very good game Not delivered properly, they did their best to put it on all consoles and Delivering the best performance but I think they didn’t allocate enough time to invest it Um yes, so if you want a refund like I said you can go through psn or xbox or you can Try returning your boxed copy or if this does not work then contact cd projekt red directly For the next week through December 21st, I’ll link to this post in the video description So please let me know about your experience in this game uh tell me in the comments below You were having problems with the game Did you manage to finish it and so you may have noticed by now Some notable operators have managed to finish the seemingly almost without problems Uh most of the reason is that they are running the setup of two computers, so what method does it work In general, to give you an overview, you have one PC which is a full screen gaming PC full plus it & # 39; Dedicated only for the game, not trying to capture anything then Another computer is streaming live, which means it captures all the shots in the first place The gaming computer via the capture card, so even if the game is a single PlayStation game application like 260 pixels Your Live Streaming PC is responsible for preparing it for the Live broadcast It does not affect, uh, what is happening on the gaming computer Many of these live streamers can literally play the latest and greatest technology so they can all You have 30 90 graphic cards and things like that to give you an understanding of why Prominent live players are able to play this smoothly but for most of us we run into issues with it This includes me as I am a full time content creator and don’t have the budget Or a high-end computer setup, however, guys tell me like I said in those comments below Will you refund Cyberpunk 2077 um for your experience with it so far? Will you wait for the patch or will you finish the game, uh, uh, please keep it civilized? Anyway guys that’s it for this video if you like it make sure to give it a nice tag You can watch a random video there and watch the last download there Or you can click here to subscribe, Thank you guys

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