Cyberpunk 2077 Download Tutorial Guide (Beginner)

Cyberpunk 2077

hello guys and welcome so in this video i’m going to be showing you how to download cyberpunk 2077 thank you for watching the video so far remember to give it a thumbs up subscribe and ring the  bell to help with the youtube algorithm now back to the video so cyberpunk 2077 will be available  on xbox one and playstation 4 on pc and google stadia google saturday is also for pc for pc  it will be available on gog which is the cd projekt red store and on steam as well so  it’s up to you which one you go for what your preference is i’m personally going to be going  for gog because it gives the most profit to see the project red i think after all the work they’ve  done for the developer this game they deserve as much profit as possible and the reason i’m getting  on pc as well is because i’ve got an rtx 2080 so i should be able to ramp it up to really really  high setting and enjoy it for maximum but it also works on playstation 5 and xbox series x what i’m  going to do for you guys i’m going to link as many useful resources in the description box so please  check them out and links for the downloads um the download at this moment especially for playstation  4 is about 100 gigabytes so be ready for a long download process like with the call of duty  warzone um you might have to wait just a really long time but eventually you’ll get in so keep  that in mind that the game itself is about 60 gigs there’s about 40 plus gigs of updates and there’s  also a day one patch that will release tomorrow as well so you’re going to be downloading the game  for a very long time but the game is promising to come with more than 100 hours worth of gameplay so  for a single player game there’s a hell of a lot of gameplay that’s going to be coming to this game  that you’ll be able to enjoy so let me know in those comments down below are you looking  forward to cyberpunk 2077 have you been excited for it since the first announcement back in 2013  um are you sort of indifferent to it let me know your feelings towards it and yeah also as well  um if you’re lacking any sort of good pc or your playstation 4 you want to see a higher setting  than what’s available to you then consider a streaming platform like google stadia i will link  my tutorial for google sadia in the description box because it allows you to stream the game  via a very powerful server to your pc with minimal lag so it will give you a  good experience of the game maybe even better what you can do locally as long as you have  a decent internet connection but that’s all explained in the google stadia tutorial guide anyway guys that’s it for this video if you liked it be sure to give it a  thumbs up you can watch around the video over there watch latest upload down there  or you can click down here to subscribe thank you guys bye

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