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Hello guys and welcome to this video I’ll be Show you how to calculate your network Worth Or whatever I like to call your finances Worth. Thank you for watching the video so far Remember to give it a thumbs up Subscribe. The bell rang for help The youtube algorithm Now back to the video, for that reason, Say Financial business rather than net worth, Because I don’t want anyone to watch This. Video is for confusion. Their financial condition is worth As a person. You know they are completely separate Things. I don’t even think you are in Huge amounts of debt. It is owed Nothing. You deserve In many other ways other than financial. However, This The video will show you how Calculate Financial value is. Okay, so what we do right Now We will open itself The spreadsheet we provided earlier Video We calculated our monthly spending Authority. Well, this is it Spending. Time was okay, so I worked. I have about 200 pounds a month that I can spend Now simply to act on its net worth Eating Everything you own and take it off Anything or religion and so on. Then you can simply get a number. So, for example, In my case, how many in Discount account now I have another one, The time I reviewed, let me have a look, The current we’ll call it the equilibrium for that balance. This is how much I have In the bank. Now I have about Uh 300 pounds in my account Well, 300 and Um. I have all this other money coming, But I’m worried about that again now, Because we’ve already seen My income is above and so on Moment what i have on 300 pounds. Ok then, Assets uh assets, Everything you own can Sale. If the worst happened like this, Whether or not clothing is included for that. The things you need to live with clothes, food, The things that exist to make you live Even if you are pennil, you cannot be taken From you, But don’t include this in your assets, So it would be my assets, for example, For example, my computer, My group Game, mother And my playstation games, So let me try and add all of that, Let’s say Realistically computer. If you sell this Used, computer You’d probably get 750 pounds for that Um. I know seeing that sometimes It can hurt the number, especially When it comes to a private computer. If you spend two or three times Up to To buy it, but a mother you have to look Such as What would you get if you sold it today, Then? I have a Playstation 4

What else Would i get it? If i probably sold it One hundred pounds, Then I got an xbox one, Umm Q. I’ll, probably get. I don’t know 150 Pound for that. If you sold it okay, Then mother, I have my matches Now. I won’t be able to detail. All of them are because I have them Simply too much, but you really can’t Sell digital games, even if you have to Steam Library with 700 games are worthless Financially because you cannot sell Account. However, If you have any physical copies of the games Like this, you can actually physically Sale. They still have value, even if you are Guess the mother of my group game, maybe around 750 pounds. If every match sold The physical game that I have, Then I have a Nintendo switch Okay, we’ll put in another 100 lbs. So Then I own this chair, This chair is probably worth it Not 50 pounds And this office is worth Ah 50 pounds now. I do not have anyone, I am not a homeowner, and So I rent This room and everything else I have Just like. I said you don’t include clothes, Do not include the things you need to me Live because believe me, even if you are Bankrupt, they can and # 39 T. Take from you. So don’t worry about this aspect of things, So it is only true if you are exercising Like a Gucci handbag or anything Equal to five thousand pounds Now um. So this, Basically my assets that um, let me say, Financial value. Now, If I add this, I say the total, As we did last time, it equals the sum Open parentheses, then uh, we’ll add Balance And all the assets that I have are like. This Enter that um 2 250 pounds in an emergency. If I were to sell everything I would Owned so I could sell, I will have 2000, but I have it Religion. So let’s see Religion that we have already done uh From the last video. So my debt at the moment is approx. 5000, so that um includes One loan took out about 3,500 Remaining Or one credit. I have Paypal balance, which is About a thousand mothers So taken together for now 5000, So simply net worth Will be a mother. Let’S say this is equal to the sum: Minus the debt. Okay, now my net worth Minus 200. Sorry 2,700 out of 50 pounds. Now you might ask the question why You have to know why? Like Does someone care about what the financial value? This is because this is a series of videos Here to help you out of this, Basically because a mother, and to show you Good that you are not alone. I am a full time. Youtuber. I have 10 Years of job experience. All that is left of it and i still Its financial value Less than zero, like i’m living a month To a month, Um and so on. But What we’ll focus on is Understand our minds correctly, because I think There is a lot of psychology In this because sometimes you may see All these numbers will be like. Oh, Oh, my God, my God Or more often you may just want to Ignore it. You might want to feel Things are out of control And do not want to Face to face and very simple A spreadsheet like this. You just see Hardly half of my son’s page Summary Largely throughout my life, financially So Um. I would recommend that Because then you can see And believe me at some point – this was Say: minus 30 000 in my case, But as I said in the future, I will Explain how I ended up in so much debt, So yeah. So I would say, Keep this number in your mind, however, Remember that your financial worth is earned. It has absolutely nothing to do with what you do Deserve As a person. If you have people in A life that loves you deserves something. If you did a good job at your job, If you do a good job at A community that deserves something Your financial worth, because you are Remember guys, We are human beings, you cannot take money with. You know your bank. The balance will not follow you so, But All the money he really gives you Choices. So what we’re trying to do now is Get rid of all our debts on Increase our net worth so that it is higher than Um zero then Or give ourselves more options. Future options could be, for Example, Buying a home buying a car and so on. I wanted to participate My personal journey with you to I rest assured of you. This is a good. Well, the main thing. Don’T panic, don’t get nervous, Look at your situation and a mother Then think about how you are We’ll deal with it face to face Okay, but we’ll leave this video on this one Topic now. What I will do is next Video. I will work, Teach you how to create a plan, then How to really stick to it. So thank you for watching the video at The next video that I’m going to talk about How to create a plan and how Stick to it. It’S not just about the personality Funding; it will also be approximately. Your life is wider, but I feel it. It has a great positive effect On your personal finance, too. The reason I wanted to make it And check out our other videos at Channel how to count Your purchasing power in the month and this Video you already have Now viewed correctly and stay tuned Future as well as leave a comment. Uh tell me what you want. Look on the channel Thanks guys, You are

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