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Hello guys, and you are in this video I will calculate My monthly purchasing power means After paying all my expenses How much is left for me to Messing with my budget expense whatever Thank you for my personal profile Watch the video so far Remember to give it a thumbs up Sign up and ring the bell for help The youtube algorithm Now I went back to the video until I cracked open Mother of excel so will Help us do it I will really We recommend that you have a spreadsheet Or a piece of paper just something You can look at it, you can see it Don’t just put it in your head So let’s start simply with an um Well let’s say the spending is okay So um am I going to separate everything I am expenditure Money then we’ll see how much The remaining money at the end Per month Let’s put it like this oh Rent is okay so rent this is clear British pound because I am in the UK Pay 620 pounds a month for rent Now where I live all bills are included Include this rental amount so that it includes Electric heating you know Or build one internet but I really pay For another internet because Shared home internet is not Great and uh, so every bill Council tax no matter what is included in 620.

Well then I have my own internet Contact because you know I am full time A streamer costs me about 42 pounds Month This is from BT so it includes Hire line blah blah blah so it felt like As if I needed my internet connection To be able to do it completely Time is simple this way Well then we have uh-uh The phone is fine, my cell phone is so I have it iphone um which is a great phone I got it before when I was financially In a better place but whoops So it spent about usage about Let’s say 12 15 lbs a month but then headphone Because it is clear that this is the iphone x Super Whopper deceptive edition It’s 42 pounds a month for three years Contract Um and stay on so let’s take it looking great The remainder in my contract is 287 pounds ah Until a few more months then the phone Will be repaid in full until that was when I was in a lot Better financial position so you can We definitely say it was a mistake in the purchase On it but Whatever the case, it served me well um For quite some time so far okay Let’s talk about uh what other things do Spend money automatically on each Month Let’s say subs are a match Well ffxiv which is financing 14 A match I play The world most of the warcraft you have a mother Xbox final pass Then you have a PlayStation Additionally you have it Uh YouTube Premium Then I got Turbo Twitch Okay so let’s get rid of that Now the thing is usually I tend to go To this Uh-uh, qualities like um You know paying many months in advance Then you get a good discount Well let me look up both this is Okay until Final Fantasy 14 because I am Get Six months ago about seven 69 pounds Wow 69 a month Well then I pay for an extra seven uh-uh Servants Um who works to be around Well, get additional services at The game is like extra service and so on On works to be almost the last Six pounds 18 a month over seven £ 69 a month i pay for this Because I pay in advance uh uh world Cans My spending is in fact zero, uh, world Warcraft has an option where you can expenditure Or in the game his profit went the years To pay your subscription up on Moment spending wow Zero is okay for that xbox final pass Etc.

But before you are Gold subscription etc. but now Just a final pass gives you everything Or do we spend it around or say Or eight pounds 99 a month something like that In that region and then PlayStation Plus if I were Guess uh because again I’m paying for it 12 Months in advance Or is it more likely about, uh, let’s say Six dollars 6.99 a month is nothing like that Now YouTube Premium 12.99 a month Then twitch turbo is Turbo Twitch is about seven pounds Month OK Good thing you can do in excel you can Just mark all numbers and It will tell you what the amount is in Down right until this About 50 pounds a month is spent in a Submarines okay until just under 50 Pounds per month Then uh what the money was spent Every month Well let’s say the nutritional necessities Well then clothes Well the other items I spent money on Have a soapy shampoo Toothpaste whatever you want to keep Yourself in good health And clean up so let’s say the toilet Okay then freeze I literally am already stuttering a mother Within the toiletries, I will include Things like Washing off kitchen liquid Example Well I guess that’s basically yes That I spend a month until the food Or am I doing something I love call up Legion of parents many of them also know My parents’ mother feed me in For a moment, I am very unfortunate Meaning uh uh my father just lives Five minutes on the road So I go there pretty much every 3-4-1-5) a day for dinner and then um Like I even had breakfast okay for that Breakfast at lunch Um I tend to wake up late I tend to wake up Top in Usually around noon I ended up having just a mother Breakfast is for lunch then such I go to my father’s house for dinner and Then I’ll do snacks when I am There is even My food is literally spending the breakfast Then the grain box will cost what A couple of a pound Then it will cost a box of milk Another pound So on average my monthly spend of food $ 10 if you are lucky uh clothes Zero do not buy clothes like Um, me again I would like to say thank you to my mum Every time they talk to me It’s like oh you need new Uh, new shirt, do you need new pants? whatever And um I’ve finally got A cupboard full of things I have about 50 pairs of socks and Come on, this is how I am I don’t want a wise kettle for clothes the trees Um, maybe I spent an average for each Month Again around $ 10 a month for that Um, I really don’t spend much on Cosmetics So yes, now big spending Come to pay off the debt, so let’s say That eight months This is where it gets pretty expensive Compared to anything else I spend Money on So I have one loan that cost me Mother of 130 months So now the rest The loan amount is just under 4 000 It’s actually now closer to 3500 But I kind of have low interest But for five years this is how I was Capable of up to 530 months So if I were to pay the minimum payment For the next five years I will do it It ends up paying Double uh like this at the moment i I think I owe it Something like 6900 with interest So my goal is to try to get rid of that Loan ASAP I have it As for Credit with Paypal credit because I have used To buy Upgrades to my computer so I can continue on my own Business Um so let’s say credit uh This is costing me about 70 a month In the payments um so there are about a thousand The balance is there and that’s why I did a job The video yesterday says that I have 5 000 Of the remaining personal debt now he uses it To be Much worse but I’ll do a job Video explaining the future How did I end up in debt to start with This is the basis for that So this is my spending okay now let’s a look at Income or so in reality Before we do that let’s collect it already This all arrives So um, so let’s say Here it equals some Brackets Okay let’s Collect all All this and maybe even that Well wam So I spend about a thousand months To live in the moment So it’s a lot good now The next step is to work on Income then we’ll see How does it compare and what can I do To reduce my monthly spending, for example Well let’s say income here I would recommend if you experience Financial difficulties, for example I would like We recommend that you go through the same Operation So you can see where You every month So let’s see YouTube income Well how much money do I earn from youtube um It depends on a totally random month To a month Because different things affect YouTube Income like CPM is the cost-per-mile and it is Your principal amount The money you get from advertising and revenue Affected Different things again what industry Do you create videos about if you do In games You might get from zero to four dollars Per thousand views If you make it into finance and Investments you may make from ten to Fifteen dollars per thousand views But at the moment my main channel is about Toys So I will almost say I will say Or on average let’s say 500 a month This is the average A few months is way a little less Months are much higher but that is the amount I make Then uh twitch because I live stream I twitch every day And mother everyone, uh, who Interested in my content tends to pop up And they followed me to twitch Now the thing is, I took four months a break So or the way it works on shivering Is that people can sign up for you Per month 4.99 Or they can use Twitch Prime, which is if I linked Amazon Prime to Touch Prime You get a free submarine so you can support Creator is free And then you will still receive Equivalent Sign up and then there are high levels The number of subscribers from the second level of the third degree People can advice People can like it if you have it Set up Paypal to receive advice And so and so on Or they can choose to give you more To choose to give you bits You can earn money from advertising and revenue And so on In total I’m about to be around Again on average I spent Four months from the podium between the mother Sorry february between december and April And I just come back to it I do about Or 400 months upon addition Everything together Well, not a surprising amount But it certainly is a useful amount I have different affiliate links for that I will not go into it But when you see all these links in Video description Uh, it refers you to different products They will simply pay a commission when When used and they all have Combined I am probably earning about 250 months So this definitely helps if you are content creator Like seriously looking at affiliate links It can help Again by all means nothing Write Home About I didn’t even touch on Amazon affiliate links that I think It is the most profitable But we’ll see in the future if this Something I can look at Well then where else can I earn money From Now by when my financial situation It was much worse Basically I used to rely on help As if I had to ask my parents about Help i’ll have for anything but Or am I in a position I can now I support myself Well then let’s say another mother Income okay until other income Includes, for example, um help From the government or something similar Anything else for which you receive money monthly basis So my monthly help is about Uh 95 pounds a month like this And I will make another video to explain The help I’m getting Uh, because of my anxiety, for example Well that will be a separate video in The future is oh one thing I’ve realized I totally forgot to put it down You have an accountant So again I’m going to make a video about that In the future So um say an accountant We average 35 per month OK Now because I live On the edge of the knife So let’s see that my income Let’s see, let’s get this going So Other OK Well so you can see this So this is a spend then This is income so what does it do Means So a month how much I left that We say equals Income minus Spending it gives me around 220 pounds Month to That basically mess around nothing Basically I don’t live on But the knife’s edge I can do whatever I want to do on So moment i’m fine that at it Regard Also a mother like I’m glad I can only do what I want Do because There is always this balance between a mother What can I do to earn so much money For example I have a lot of experience the work As a developer and programmer whatever He did that for 10 years But you are always miserable and we will get In a different form Uh, in a different video I will touch on Why did I end up in debt? So but The point is, it’s okay now I’m not Earn a lot of money And to be honest with the money I earn My surplus money tends to go like Buying games Uh so I can uh as well What do I do and Yeah so far that is Basically this is my monthly budget What can I do to increase a month to Month So let me pull to go Well, that’s basically where I am Financially At the moment I have about 220 pounds per month comes in profit To hang out with is now one of my own Favorite YouTubers These Days When Come Personal Finance and Investing is Graham Stephen now if he were to look at this Video that it will scare Here are the steps after watching His videos for a long time i Definitely defended To reduce my monthly spending and so on I’m sure something to say Do I need to get rid of this debt Payments ASAP Because just get rid of this debt Payments I’ll save another 200 a month so That would be cool too When it comes to My income I am trying to diversify So much so this is why I am now The YouTube channel started again Now this second channel does not Make no money at all because Simply you should have a thousand Subscribers have four thousand Uh, a minute of watch time before you can Monetize your videos And even then given that the first video Got around 100 views Um on the first day um I’m sure The channel is even when monetized make About five dollars a month but I am Thinking In the long run it will probably turn out To something especially profitable if You guys love what I do in terms Funding as well Um, I know some of these Subscriptions will likely go away So I really need to evaluate now I’m not Spend it monthly like you said I tend to get roughly six months in advance Thus the average cost per month Much less If you can wipe the phone for example This will be the last 42 pounds a month which you don’t have to Spend anymore So let me shine a light on this one that’s it I am targeting this And this one So now this is my priority is a survey My debts My phone and so on Spending on food is really low I can go not see I need to eat breakfast, you know what So I really mean Much time and effort spent on Minimize spending as much as I can Having an account available 24 7 when I have diversified income coming up From various sources Good for me personally because it is I want security or own An accountant can Look at my money and give advice Make sure I file my tax return Correctly and so on Believe me, it is better than Receive fines for Do it incorrectly so yeah So this is what I’m trying to do I do This is blurred in yellow And I have another income increase Thoughts as well On how to increase my income now For any of you Watch live broadcasts all the time YouTube or Twitch or anywhere Like the amount of money you say or whatever Really really really can help her Make the difference between a good month For a bad month As for the flowing stream we’re talking about An average streamer like of course You have the highest percentage Millionaires by doing this But i would say i am average Conditions of doing full time And I always live on the edge of a knife From month to month But I’m happy to do this but I don’t I am not Greedy i won’t be on air Stream Beg to subscribe and so on On but that’s why I really really do We appreciate it because you can see it here directly Um, how might it affect my day the living So now get the extra money again Because I was in debt for a long time and yet Watch a lot of Graham’s videos Or do I know where my priorities are Terms of spending I need to get rid of the loan I need Get rid of PayPal balance Asap that would be 200 pounds Extra month I’ll be able to save that Then if you are able to save Good for 500 um and later Or by getting rid of the payment of the phone Phone and so on Then I think I’ll be in a good place Really good place like I will collect money alright every month That I’ll be able to put in The future is now What I plan to do with the money In the future I haven’t really decided distance Uh, we are, but we’re going on this journey Together for that I really recommend Guys if you haven’t already For a real look at your finances honestly If you are in Difficult financial situation to assess You have to do for a mother Like reducing your spending to a month And so on And oh yeah now my accountant Handling It’s all about personality Spending versus what is business spending and And so on Spending a lot of games for example I can write off Not all but a lot of it in The UK is there Uh, personal for work and you are working Outside the percentage and so on But I would say talk to an accountant About that and I will do separate work Video About the accounting firm I use Which I can get for 35 lbs Month But that would be as I said on The future so yes So you guys honestly what they can Account From my entry vs.

My spending and where I am each month As you can see, I do a job 200 a month profit for that By all means you know that people have They have this impression Oh my God you are full time Full time streamer oh my god Must be manufactured The bank is like a no-ah no hell Certainly not because it is clear things Not in this list Are things like my spending To travel or commute to work i Do not travel for work as far as possible That spending is zero, uh, and it is Prefer me But living in london uk they have monthly The train passes from Zone Six to Zone One It might set you back up to 250 months So a mother that would wipe me out completely If so if you get a new job in the middle London i You probably won’t be able to equalize Travel payment for the first month Then a mother Like I don’t have to buy lunch for An example of it back when I was working in London I used to go out and I used to buy my lunch Accustomed to anything That would set me back well to five Ten pounds a day So um when you add everything Spending a lot of money at work London as a developer So uh, as I said now Spend my food on my travel spend What is the Basically next to nothing or that Um but yeah but guys can talk about it This is all day long I just hope this is helpful for that of me Will um I suggest you if you are in a financial situation Hardship at the moment It has a real detailed reflection reflection In terms of trying financially and She followed him, maybe you didn’t follow him It before Where all your money might go You are working Or nine to five minimum paid or whatever And you never know where your money is going Break it down every month Where do you spend your money like People simply cannot take money from you Unless Or like that it must be on your bank Statement for example It should be in direct shape Debt and so on So I really suggest the guys who work What is your strength now now The further thing is that though I am Make 220 pounds a month Um in let’s say profit does not mean I will spend it So I think that’s a lot wrong Of people make some people It seems that I think that’s 220 pounds Oh I can go out and spend it as I did not add oh While I am in debt I need to make sure my payments are made Debt as fast as I can Even when I start saying For 500 A month in profit and in case of shivering or YouTube or whatever Affiliates are going up like I’m not into Rush to spend it simply because you’ve done a job Lots of bugs in the twenties You have already reached the point where I now want to save for my future, so I did I had fun What I call the pre-mortgage part Life A lot, maybe too much, and I am now Back to the basics of where I want it To be Financially in the future so I can say Men I hope this is useful to you mother An honest account of my current money Go out and go um also um I really want to share this trip with You guys because I want to You know, you never know because I’ve been a YouTuber for nearly Seven years I know what I’m doing even if it is Something like that can be positive Influencing someone like him can make Someone’s life is better for it Then they will think of themselves About what they want to do And so on and get an understanding Financial situation So this is this first step for you guys The first step towards Our personal finance, uh, recovery Everything is put everything plot Put it in front of us we can We see it like this Then um this is too good for things Like for example Anxiety, uh, in my experience because Simply If I have all these numbers with cranking In my head, oh my God, I am serving Money on this oh my god spend money On it It will drive me crazy but now that I have to I can see that I don’t have to think about Anymore Okay guys so um we keep that for right Now And mother to see Where we can take this uh the next video I will probably work My net worth will be calculated Because that can be a trigger So the conclusion is based on what It can be seen by looking that I owe the network Its value will be minus But let’s see where we are Terms of my net worth in the next video And we’ll go from there So you guys please check out the other one Videos on my channel That may be helpful to you for what it was made This channel So please look forward to The next video that will be around account The net worth so thank you guys and I’ll see You are In the next video

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