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I make a lot of Final Fantasy XIV guides. Click here to quickly learn how to level crafting, level gathering and make Gil in the game. I do this by creating straight to the point guides, I make no assumptions about the viewers prior knowledge, and work with you to achieve everything you want to in the chosen topic. I work very hard to make sure the advice given in my videos is insanely actionable and produces real results. I answer all questions and respond to feedback. Interaction is the name of the game, as it also improves my skills as well making it easier for me to help others.

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Truly amazing games experienced

The Mithrie community is strong

When I joined Mithrie’s community over 2 years ago I was welcomed with open arms. The community is positive and friendly. I have met many friends and hope to meet more. I am happy I decided to join this community!
Customer 1 PhotoKenpomom
The Mithrie community is one of the best communities out there I've ever known. What started out for me as simple guides for crafting in FF14 quickly became a warm and caring environment, with great and honest friends. Over the years the community became a small close family with unique and wonderful people. Truly a pleasure to be a part of it!
Customer 3 PhotoPolka
Mithrie's community is an incredibly wealthy resource of friendly gamers who really care about each other, it is a safe haven for everyone, inclusive of all cultures and beliefs. A true family, who stick together through thick and thin, with a generous and caring leader!
Customer 2 PhotoJames O D

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