Review is a game seller that focuses on one mega game sale deal a day rather than the traditional sellers who sell many games at a slight discount. also has a coin system which awards you coins every time you buy games, every day for free if you click the coin next to the price and every few days offers a bonus chest full of coins. You can use the coins to redeem free games from the coin shop.

I've been promoting on since August 2018 and have never experienced down time or server issues. The staff are very welcoming and supportive, resolve issues quickly and professionally. can feature a big variety of games all the way from Indie's to AAA. You can see what games have been sold previously by clicking the "Past Deals" link found the navigation bar at the top.

It is worth visiting on a daily basis to redeem coins so you can eventually earn a free game on the coin shop.

If you've found this review or my review video on YouTube useful, please follow the affiliate link and I'll earn a small commission on any game you purchase at no extra cost to yourself. If you have any feedback regarding this review please contact me via any of the social media links found at the bottom of the page.

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